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2022年度ゼミ活動報告: フィールドトリップに行ってきました。2 “Year of Art” 2022 Seminar Report―Kurashiki―|英語英文学科 Fastゼミ






Fast ゼミの2022年度ゼミの活動報告です。


▶Fastゼミ 2022年度ゼミ活動報告: フィールドトリップに行ってきました。1|英語英文学科

This was my first time visiting the Ohara Museum of Art, and it was impressive for me. It was interesting to look at many art works from different countries and periods and compare them at the same time, so that I really understood that classical arts are relatively realistic and modern arts are abstract. The museum owns some famous paintings such as Water lilies by Claude Monet and Annunciation by El Greco, so I felt like I was in a European museum. 

Kurashiki Bikan area is famous for the beautiful views with traditional buildings, which have been registered as a preservation district of protected heritage. It attracts a lot of tourists, but many of them only enjoy it at a surface level for half of a day. In order to let them understand the history of the area more deeply, toutou (滔々)  opened some guest houses with a new concept, Albergo-Diffuso (AD). AD was launched in Italy and has a structure that thinks of one town or village as one hotel. Actually, the guest houses of toutou use traditional materials and crafts for the furniture. If visitors are interested in them, they can walk around the area and go into the shops selling some products in the guest house. This is my thesis topic, but I had never seen inside hotels registered as AD. Through the fieldwork, I thought AD will give us a great opportunity to refine and reconstruct the values of our hometown in our mind.

This was a great opportunity to get to know my home prefecture’s tourism industry. Toutou’s manager, Rie Fast, taught us some problems and opportunities for the Bikan District. I didn’t know anything about them although I have lived in Okayama for about 20 years. Now I am writing my thesis on the economic comparison between World Heritage Sites and the Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter. So, they are also great materials for my thesis, and through writing it, I would like to improve these problems. I want all of you to read it. 

It was my first time visiting Kurashiki Bikan District in the last few years. I was surprised how much it has changed. Some very nice restaurants and shops have opened recently and Tom’s wife has opened galleries and hotels there. Her hotels were very very beautiful and the concept helps tourists to go around Kurashiki. For example, they can use dishes in the hotel rooms and if they like them, they can buy some dishes at the toutou galleries. In addition, the hotels don’t serve meal service, so tourists go out to eat. I didn’t know that there are such fascinating places in the Bikan District even though I live in Okayama. I noticed that we, Okayama citizens, need to know more about Okayama, otherwise there are fewer opportunities for visitors as well as locals. We must have interest in Okayama and understand the fascination of our homeland!