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コロナ禍の授業について―Part 02「Out of this World !」|英語英文学科 Kate Bowes准教授






 Part02:「Out of this World! 」IC IIIA(International Communication IIIA)
Kate Bowes 准教授

Which powerful image can help us to reflect on the Earth in a way that opens our hearts and minds? This is the first step we need to take on our way to living well in more sustainable ways. 

In our class, we have been enjoying looking at the famous photograph taken on Christmas Eve, 1968, by the Apollo 8 astronauts, called Earthrise. It’s said to be one of the 100 photographs that changed the world! (This makes it a great topic for International Communication.) One of the effects of the image is that it inspired the modern global environmental movement. 

Nowadays we see growing awareness, around the world, of the need to care for the Earth and we are thinking together about this in our class. Looking at the Earthrise image we have used some poems, a couple of short films and conversation prompts from artists and activists around the world, to help us deepen our responses. 

We’re in Zoom sessions now but that has not slowed our ability to learn together. In every class there are various activities like translations, presentations and discussions in pairs or small groups. Sometimes, students write reports to consolidate their learning. I have learned, from reading these, that many students treasure the discovery of the new perspective of looking at the Earth from the outside, and they write that they have begun thinking in new ways about the Earth, cherishing it more and actively researching what actions they can do to help protect our lovely home.