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Educational Facilities

Educational Facilities

Institute for Research of Christian Culture(IRCC)

St. Julie Billiart

This institute focuses on religious studies with a special concentration on Christianity, namely Christian cultures and humanity from a Christian perspective. The aim of the IRCC is to aid students in understanding the spirit of the foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, St. Julie Billiart, and by extension, to cultivate an appreciation of the founding spirit of our university.Toward these aims, the IRCC offers students classes in “Christian Studies,” which cover philosophy, culture and literature related to Christianity, Europe and Japan. The IRCC also hosts various activities, including open lectures on the Bible, and is responsible for traditional Christian ceremonies, for such as, thanksgiving mass for the new school year, Christmas mass, and Baccalaureate mass at graduation.

NDSU Center for Regional Collaboration and SDGs Promotion

NDSU Center for Regional Collaboration and SDGs Promotion

The NDSU Center for Regional Collaboration and SDGs Promotion, which was established in April 2019, by expanding the regional cooperation center established in 2014, aims to engage in regional cooperation and contribution, promotion of “sustainable development goals”, and related academic research, education and action.

The Center will continue to develop collaborations with organizations in the Okayama / Shikoku region ((local governments, industry, media, public interest incorporated associations, incorporated foundations, NPOs, etc.), and will also promote collaborations with organizations in the Keihanshin-Kanto area and overseas, including international organizations and international NGOs.

The center will promote "Understanding the SDGs" based on the long-standing activities of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur外部リンク in the United Nations (SND at UN外部リンク) and developing countries and their efforts to establish SDGs, and the practice of SDGs at affiliated universities and schools around the world and will also promote the achievement of SDGs based on the characteristics of our university, which is a women's university.

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