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Notre Dame Seishin University is a four-year college founded in 1949 in Okayama by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.
Our school is a women’s college and admits only female students.
Notre Dame Seishin University also offers graduate programs.

Undergraduate Schools include

The Faculty of Literature

Department of English Language and Literature

Seven native English language speakers and eleven Japanese teaching staff who have experienced studying or living aboard, teach students in small-sized classes where students can get the feel of a foreign-style classroom. In this department, students can study British and American literature, linguistics, and English teaching. Doors to international society are opened by acquiring knowledge in the diverse field of English studies.

Department of Japanese Language and Literature

In this department students can study Japanese language, Japanese literature, and Japanese culture. Students are expected to review “language” from a broader viewpoint by seeing it as the basis of culture. This encourages students to broaden and deepen their horizons. Thus, they are expected to develop problem-solving abilities for themselves, and to give richer expression to their ideas.

Department of Contemporary Sociological Studies

This department has two courses. One is Contemporary Sociology, which includes the study of social constructions and the analysis of various problems underlying society. The other, Social History, includes the study of social changes from a historical perspective. A university department composed of these two courses is rare in Japan. It aims at encouraging students to broaden their horizons and enrich their professional knowledge.

The Faculty of Human Life Sciences

Department of Human Living Sciences

Students in this department study the human condition, welfare, life, environment and culture. “Human welfare studies” is a new field that focuses on, and respects human beings. “Life culture studies” aims to enrich human life by seeing it from the holistic viewpoint of the human being as an active participant within its surrounding environment and local culture.

Department of Child Welfare

This department covers the fields of psychology, medicine, education, arts and culture to assist students in raising healthy children who will be responsible for the future of mankind. The field of psychology includes many subjects ranging from the introductory level to higher applied levels. Students are expected to develop their intelligence and sensibilities and commit themselves to society.

Department of Foods and Human Nutrition

This department aims to educate and train students to become dietician supervisors with a deep understanding of the human condition. In their major, students study the prevention of diseases, and dietetics for curing diseases, among other subjects. They also have classes in general education and, therefore, can look on dietetics as a general science and understand the true meaning of “dietetics for human beings.”

Graduate Schools

The Graduate School of Literature

Doctoral Research Course in Japanese Language and Literature
Master’s (Degree) Research Course in Japanese Language and Literature
Master’s (Degree) Research Course in English Language and Literature
Master’s (Degree) Research Course in Socio-Cultural Studies

The Graduate School of Human Life Sciences

Doctoral Research Course in Comprehensive Human Life Sciences
Master’s (Degree) Course in Human Development and Education
Master’s (Degree) Research Course in Food Science and Nutrition
Master’s (Degree) Research Course in Human Living Sciences

Admission of Foreign Students

Our school is a women’s college and admits only female students.
Foreign applicants will be required to have enough ability in Japanese language to study at the college level.
Notre Dame Seishin University also offers graduate programs.