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Educational Facilities

Institute for Research of Christian Culture (IRCC)

This institute focuses on religious studies with a special concentration on Christianity, namely Christian cultures and humanity from a Christian perspective. The aim of the IRCC is to aid students in understanding the spirit of the foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame, St. Julie Billiart, and by extension, to cultivate an appreciation of the founding spirit of our university.

Toward these aims, the IRCC offers students classes in “Christian Studies,” which cover philosophy, culture and literature related to Christianity, Europe and Japan. The IRCC also hosts various activities, including open lectures on the Bible, and the planning of traditional Christian ceremonies, for example, a thanksgiving mass for the new school year, a Christmas mass, and a Baccalaureate mass at graduation.

Language Education Center (LEC)

This center was established in the faculty of literature to maintain and improve the university’s fine tradition of language education. Since then, it has enjoyed great success developing a variety of language skills and broadening students’ horizons through oft-revised and refined curricula and summer language programs.

In addition to our experienced and competent Japanese teaching staff, seven full-time, and several part-time native foreign language speakers run courses teaching both language and the cultures of their respective countries of origin.
The LEC has two state-of-the-art Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) laboratories enabling language learning through a variety of media, including movies, CD-ROMs, DVDs and other kinds of software. The university offers all kinds of support toward the goals of language learning, in the forms of both technical and personal assistance.

The University Library

Over the years our library has become more sizable and now boasts more than 300,000 books, 2,800 magazines and various audio-visual materials, including video cassettes, CDs and DVDs. There are 319 seats in our open-shelved interior. Books can freely be taken from the shelves and referred to on the spot.
The documents and materials in the library can be easily accessed on or off campus via the computer catalogue. Moreover, the local network is connected to many external educational and research institutes both near and far from which information may be derived.